Launch x431 V PRO Review – Fastest Way to Diagnose Car Problems

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0/5 on June 10, 2018

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1. Supports remote diagnosis
2. High scanning capabilities
3. Sturdy and compact
4. Cheaper compared to others


1. Can't detect wiring diagram
2. Low battery capacity (3000mAh)


Launch x431 v pro will never allow you to be stuck with your vehicle’s engine. This scan tablet tool is compact and comes with 8" high-resolution touchscreen. The tool is by far the best and fastest device in the market. Just find out if it is compatible with your car and you’ll have a superior and portable device that will make your life easier.

Having the best scan tool which is easy to use is one of the best things everyone wants to happen in his/her life. You might have been struggling with plug-in devices which finally leave your clothes with a nice serving of grease. Launch x431 v pro is a Bluetooth enabled device which is ready to solve a lot of problems and confusion.

The device is well-made and comes with useful features and that’s why everyone is running over the hills to buy this tool. If you have an idea to buy this device, then read this review. Launch x431 v pro would be your obvious choice since it is very affordable. It will even give you the best service that worth your money.


You will love this scan tool with an aesthetic and strong design. One can mistake this device for the other today’s mobile phones. It has an amazing design which looks nice and strong and it will give you more palatable feel.

The tool features a small size construction and relatively lower weight. Its built enables drivers to carry their tool around when in use and you won’t get tired. The size of the tool makes it effortless to store and carry when you’re in transit. The tool can also suit beginner mechanics and professional mechanics will love it most. DIYers will also find it fun, too.

Launch x431 V PRO


Waterproof: One of the best features of this scan tool is waterproof. It is drop tested and you can use it regardless of the weather condition. Extremely portable so you can carry it wherever you want. It comes with protector sleeve to protect your scan tool form damages.

Covers a Wide Range Of Vehicles: This tool is compatible with 93 car brands making it the best tool for every car owner. It can also work well up to 10,000 car models. Furthermore, the available languages are English Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Spanish and French. The device is able to choose all the languages you want.

Modern Search Code: Launch X431 PRO comes with the latest modern code search to make your work easier and effective than before. The tool will allow quick response and it can also search Google automaticity using DTC.

User-friendly Interface: You don’t have to strain your eyes when using this device. It has 8″ high-resolution touchscreen that will let you diagnose your car easily. You can easily monitor your car’s tire pressure via the device interface effortlessly.

One Key Update: With this one-key update, you’ll be able to download or update your vehicle’s software anytime. Doing this is very easy, you simply click one key update and you’re done. The audible alarm will notify you as long as you leave the Bluetooth connector on.

Remote for Diagnostics: Users can use Bluetooth between their mobile intelligent terminal and vehicle diagnostic connectors. This tool achieves full system, as well as, full vehicle model trouble diagnosis. You don’t have to waste your time anymore when you’re stuck with your vehicle’s engine.

This tool is fully equipped with popular functions such as oil reset, fuel pump testing, ABS bleeding, throttle positioning and more.

Battery & Compatibility

It has a powerful battery which lasts up to eight hours. The compatibly of this tool is high with access to Asian, European and all domestic applications for module coding, relearn, bi-directions capabilities and for rests. You will love this tool which a professional-automotive diagnostic device and it will let you diagnose the system of your car easily.


With an android supported, wireless internet connection and mobile phone, one can easily turn his/her mobile phone into an OBD 2 scan tool. What you will need to do is to run the OBD 2 software on your device. This product comes with a user manual which you need to follow and you’re done. You will just use a click to start the scanning.

Note that Worth: Is the Launch x431 V PRO Your Right Choice?

Launch x431 v pro is the best scanning tool that comes with high tech features which are easy to use. Its features cater for a wide range of vehicles. If you need a cheap way of reaching to the next generation diagnostic software without spending much, then this tool is the right choice. Its powerful integrated connectors will let you enjoy a super-fast connection.