Innova 3100 Review – Do Check Engine Light Codes Brilliantly

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4/5 on May 10, 2018

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1. Refreshes data automatically
2. Has a battery backup memory
3. Fitted with durable materials
4. Has safeguards to solve emission problems


1. Sometimes fails to work
2. Has subscription fees


If you are serious about getting information on the running of your car, so that you fix the problem for yourself and save some money, then Innova 3100 is best for you.

The advancement in technology has seen the industry of locomotives shifting to use of vehicles which are operated by computers. This has caused both advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantage is the hiked price of repairing the cars. There is the advantage because the vehicles are more efficient, quickly diagnosed and last longer. This is possible by use of Innova 3100.

Innova 3100 diagnostic scan tool is the best for scanning your car. Packed with features which are easy to use for every person and therefore it will show you the problem without technical hiccups. Automotive Wise discusses all the facts you should know about Innova 3100.

Built & Design

Innovo 3100 is built with light materials and in a shape that can fit any toolbox. It weighs 1.1 pounds and measures 12 by 8.5 by 2.5 inches. This means that you can tag it along anywhere because it is light and any toolbox carries it.

It is made in the USA and builds with sturdy materials that aim at making it extra durable. It is built with ABS light trouble codes for the purpose of reading and erasing codes for ford and GM.

The 3100 model is built with a battery backup memory to ensure that the information will not be lost after a possible shut down.

It is made up with a feature that enables it to refresh the data automatically after every 30 seconds to allow in new information. It is built in a way that it will allow emissions checkups periodically.

Innova 3100


USB Connection Port: The data is transferable from Innova 3100 to computer easily and faster because it has a USB connection. After the USB is plugged in, the data will be refreshed and updated after every 30 seconds.

Efficient Power Backup: It is fitted with a dynamic power back which prevents the loss of data when the power goes off.

It can be very frustrating for you to lose data and information when you are half way scanning and repairing process. It is therefore fitted with a reliable battery for backing the power.

Diagnostic Resource Feature: The 3100 model does not only scan for problems but also it has a diagnostic feature that allows you to fix the problem by use of official website automatically. They have a repair section which allows you to fix the problem automatically.

Auto-Refresh System: These features help to refresh your machine after every 30 seconds and therefore displaying new information. This helps you to find a new problem or to confirm that the previous one has been fixed.

Allows to Save and Freeze Data: It is designed in such a way that it will enable you to keep and freeze data so that you can act on it in future if you are currently busy.


The Innova 3100 compatible with various brands of OBD1 and OBD2 scan machines. It also compatible with multiple new cars that span light truck and SUVs.

All the vehicles beyond after 1996 must have an ODB2 compatible system which means that they are all compatible with Innova 3100.

It also has safeguards which are compatible with ABS and fitted with airbags to offer maximum security. This means that almost all kind of cars compatible with this system.

Note that Worth: Does the Innova 3100 Reflects Its Price

When you want to know what the heck is affecting your engine, or you want to look whether your engine can pass emission test, you should consider having it.

It best serves you as it is efficient and durable. It also saves you the heck of refreshing as it refreshes automatically. Consider having one and get the first-hand information.