Innova 3040e Review – Check Vehicle Engine Issues Effortlessly

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4/5 on July 3, 2018

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456 reviews


1. High-performing device
2. User-friendly interface
3. It can check the emission status of cars
4. Gives an accurate and descriptive diagnosis


1. Doesn’t come with a PC adapter

2. Battery life is not reliable


Don't waste your time, If you are looking for the best diagnostic code reader, then pick the Innova 3040e. The device comes with exceptional features and it gives reliable data.

Innova 3040e diagnostic code reader comes with outstanding features which you’re going to notice and like. The tool can rest your car’s oil service light, erase and diagnose ABS codes.

It can also inspect the performance of your vehicle’s battery and alternator. The tool has a colored LCD screen and the coolness is that it is multilingual to make effortless use.

You can use a USB cable to update your tool and this will give you hassle-free performances. You will like how this compact device has the ability to scan and also retrieve manufacturer’s specific codes, pending codes and global codes without wasting your time.


Nobody wants to use bulky things and that is why Innova 3040e is designed to meet your busy lifestyle’s needs. The device is compactly designed and the cool part is about its lightweight construction.

It is a great tool for use in your busy repair garage or shop. This simple, accurate tool is designed to empower a technician who wants to diagnose and repair vehicles.

It is built with the largest LCD display to let you see the outcomes easily. Storing the tool will not give you a headache since it can fit your pocket easily. The LCD screen will let you use your scan tool even when you’re in dark.

Innova 3040e


Time is money and when it comes to diagnosing check engine issues, drivers need something which is quick and reliable. Here are the cool features one can notice when using this scan tool;

Reliable Tool: If you need a reliable scan tool which does its work as required, then you won’t go wrong with this tool. It is one of the most reliable tools for all car owners, DIYers, professional mechanics and even technicians.

You can use the tool to scan read ABS light trouble codes and check engine light warning. The tool will then erase any of these trouble codes and give you trouble-free experience.

Data Feature: This tool is the best one you can get in the market. It is able to read codes and provide users feedback which is in form of codes. Your tool can record data and even playback the data. It will let you know the condition of your car’s engine over time.

The tool can stream and even record real-time data and you can view the data when you’re free. The device will enable you to diagnose and erase ABS light trouble codes of Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles.

Unique Interface: Innova 3040e has a large, colored display which is well-lit. We’re talking about LCD screen and you can use this rich, colorful interface to scan, erase and even rest oil service light, as well as, check engine light warning.

No more eye straining when you have this scanning tool with an intriguing interface. Its unique interface is 2.8” to let you view results easily.

Free Software Updates: Lifetime free software updates is one of the most amazing features of this tool. Who doesn’t want free things anyway? The available software of this device can be updated for free and this will give you peace of mind when it comes to functionality of your device. It will also let you ensure that your scan tool is compatible with the latest technology.

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Battery & Compatibility

The Innova scan tool requires a battery to connect to car’s computer. The tool is compatible with almost all car models which are made in Asian, European and in the US from 1996 up to the latest model. Innova features a universal interface that works well with all car brands which are in the market.

This scanner supports protocols such as ISO 9141, J1850VPW, C.A.N. (Controller Area Network), J1850PWM and KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4. Users can connect their scanner tool to their mobile device via USB cable. Innova scan tool can also support IOS, Android and Window operated devices.

The tool works great with a wide range of vehicles including minivans, hybrid, trucks, SUV, and cars. You can use the device to solve the problems of both domestic, as well as, foreign OBD2 vehicles.


Installing the scanning device is very easy and simple. You can update your tool using the USB cable to link your tool to the internet and this is the perfect choice when you have the latest cars. The available software of this unit can be installed for free.

You can do this to make your device function better and even make it be compatible with the recent technology. If you face any problem, the ASE certified technicians of the company will provide you with the quick and prompt assistance.

You don’t have to strain when installation your device. You need to plug and use your device and it will give you the live data of OBD2 vehicles easily without any fuss.

Note that worth: Why Should You Invest for the Innova 3040e?

Getting one scan tool which is affordable and reliable is not something easy. Innova 3040e is the best device which is past proven to be quite exceptional.

It comes with colorful features and functions which are reliable making the tool great choice to all vehicle owners. Shopping wisely will save you a lot of time and money but don’t be shocked to realize that the tool you just bought yesterday is not working.

You need to try Innova 3040e and it will give you live data and freeze data without pinning your wallet. When it comes to your vehicle diagnostics and repair, as a technician or DIYer, you need this simple, but advanced tool which is designed to empower you.