Actron CP9690 Review – Don’t Have to be a Mechanic to Use It

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4/5 on May 22, 2018

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1. Very efficient

2. Highly compatible

3. Large screen size

4. Highly innovative


1. Slow refresh rate


Actron CP9690 is perhaps the most efficient auto-scanning tool you can lay your hands on the market today.

It has fantastic features, which make it exceptionally different from similar products. It makes available to you massive information that can help you diagnose your vehicle.

The scanner is durable and highly reliable. Both beginners and advanced users like using the product. It is highly recommended.

Actron CP9690 is a great scanning tool and it is compatible with different models, especially those produced from the year 1996 to 2013. It is available in three different languages English, French and Spanish languages.

This is to ensure that it is useful for many people once you can understand any of the languages. Language can hardly be a barrier unless you do not speak any of the languages.

The scanner is highly versatile as it can work in different kinds of car models like Hyundai, Chrysler, Ford, GM as well as Toyota and several other car products.

Built & Design

The simplistic design of Actron CP9690 remains the most outstanding feature. The information you want is accessible. You can see any information displayed in the system without difficulties.

Moreover, it is simple to use. Even a novice can get the meaning with those codes. This makes it appealing to anybody who does not know anything about OBD2 in the past.

Though it is good for new users, even old users prefer it, because of the high functionality. It can work with different car models, especially those made from the year 1996 and upwards.

The scanner comes in three languages as pointed above which makes it useful for most people. The most outstanding feature of the scanner is the screen. The screen is very large and vibrant.

This makes it easy and enjoyable. You can read information without difficulties. Moreover, it displays in multiple colors. This is unique because you can track your data easier. You can easily detect what you are looking for, as well as the solution.

Actron CP9690


Size: This is a user-friendly scanner in terms of the size. After use, you can easily put in your pocket and go about your business. The problem of carrying weighty scanning tools is no longer there once you use the product. Even though it is small, it provides you with everything you want.

Coding: The coding system is wide. It is very comprehensive and you are sure that it can track any kind of problem your car develops. In terms of data, it remains the most comprehensive tool on the market.

Presently, it can boast of more than twenty-six million codes. It is certain that any type of fault can be detected and solutions provided.

Preserves Data: Almost any kind of OBD tools on the market can present live data. The difference lies in the ability to store old data and to access that data when you need it.

It stores data for future use. In addition to that, it can make the graphic presentation of it when you need it. If you want to save it in a hard copy, this scanner will make that possible for you.

Support: Most importantly, Actron cp9690 provides reliable support. They have an online center where their customers can get instant help when they are finding it difficult with the tool. If you are finding it hard to read the code, they will assist you to deal with the problem.

Multiple languages: The product is available in multiple languages. This is to make it easy for many people to use it. A mechanic can ask for and get data in the preferred language.

Updating Through the Internet: It is internet updatable. This is a great feature because the tool will always be on par with the latest development within the industry. Because of this, it can easily detect any problem as well as how to deal with such a problem.


Another attribute of Actron cp9690 is the issue of compatibility. It is such that it is compatible with different kinds of vehicle models, especially those made from 1996 and downwards. It is even compatible with some of the vehicle made before that time.

It can update itself through the internet, because of that it can solve virtually any kind of problems that exist in the auto industry.

You can use it for different kinds of vehicles such as Hyundai, Chrysler, Ford, GM as well as Toyota and several other kinds of vehicles. In the same way, it is compatible with OBD1 as well as CAN protocols.

Actron cp9690 vs cp9695

Both auto scanners are from the same company and there is no need to panic about the efficiency. Each of the scanners is unique in their own rights. The only difference is that CP9690 has more features than the version of Actron cp9695.

Both are easy and efficient ways to diagnose your car and auto technicians will derive value using them. The two are handheld scanners. Both tools are highly durable and they are compatible as well.

Why Is the Actron CP9690 Better?

It is More Economical: this is because it is designed in such a way that it covers all the aspects of OBD 1 as well as OBD2. This means that it actually covers what the other could cover. Instead of using CP9690, it is better to use Actron CP9690.

Advanced Features: another advantage is in terms of features. Most of the features available in the CP9690 are available in CP9690 and in addition to that, it has other features, which you cannot get in the previous version. Therefore, you are going to derive more benefits using it.

Better Screen: the latest version has better and larger screen size. This makes it easier for you to see all the information and data you are looking for with ease. It is more reliable and user-friendly.

Note that Worth: Does the Actron CP9690 Worth Its Investment?

The product is worth it and you will get real value for your money. Before you order it, you have to check for compatibility. It must be compatible with your car before you buy it otherwise look out for those that are compatible with your car.

The essence of looking for the scanner is to diagnose your car problem, ensure that it can handle it before you spend your money.